Happy Canada Day – we’re 145 years old. Nobody interprets the Canadian flag better than artist Charlie Pachter. Take a look at a post I wrote about Charlie, his gallery and his homes http://canadianoriginals.net/2011/07/01/charles-pachters-iconic-canadian-art/.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve had great fun writing about creative Canadians and their insights about the world around them. As I sign off canadianoriginals,  I’d like to share my top ten blog posts with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog – thanks so much for reading and taking the time to leave a comment.  You can find me on my new blog jmi design mix. Here are my top ten canadianoriginals posts:


1. Can a log stool be rustic and chic?


2. Soon Cho’s ingenious designs from everyday materials


3. The best of classic Canadian cottage design


4. Are you inspired by graffiti and street art?


5. Armine Tatosian’s sophisticated small space


6. The iconic appeal of birch trees


7. Amanda Nisbet’s Canadian roots


8. 10 things you should know about Tom Thomson


9. Fearless and original Martha Sturdy


10. The opulent art of Michael Adamson


Thanks for reading!

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Felt no wind

Not everyone appreciates the power and beauty of a great abstract painting. But when you come upon an artist who’s nailed this genre, it’s a powerful thing. Gideon Tomaschoff’s layered oil paintings on exhibit at the Odon Wagner Gallery this month are breathtaking. Take a look:

But once


Endlessly Outspread

Dripping with the Unknown

Faded tapestries

True and grand

Gideon Tomaschoff, was born in Israel, but after travelling widely in Central America and South America, he settled in Toronto.  He’s a mechanical engineer who went back to school to study painting at the Ontario College of Art in the early 90′s.

Influenced by the raw beauty of the battered and stained buildings he noticed during his travels, he’s managed to capture this feeling in his work. The details are rich and complex. His subtle use of colour is mesmerizing. If only these paintings were more affordable!!!

 Grasping distance – one of my favourites!

Rose blossoms 

Verges of illusion 

 You’ll find Gideon’s work at the Odon Wagner Gallery in Toronto.


Design snapshot: eye-catching tables at Nienkamper

May 3, 2012

Great tables are hard to come by. Finding something original that you haven’t seen in every design magazine isn’t easy. That’s why I was excited to uncover some interesting choices at Nienkamper. Take a look:   The Arabesque combines contemporary design with a romantic touch. It’s officially a conference table, but I thought it would be perfect [...]

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Experiencing Balzac’s coffee

April 6, 2012

I can’t start the day without a strong black coffee.  Once in a while, I treat myself to a latte. I met up with a friend in the Distillery District earlier this week and have to say I love the atmosphere (and the coffee) at Balzac’s. The first Balzac’s opened in Stratford Ontario in 1996 and there are now 5 cafes across the [...]

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Karen Conabeare’s creative work with rope

March 15, 2012

When Karen Conabeare arrived in Canada from Cornwall England she brought with her a passion for working with rope. I recently discovered her charming one of a kind creations. A sailor who loves being around boats, she now makes her home in Muskoka Ontario. Not surprisingly, her partner Mark builds boats. Karen has adapted centuries old [...]

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A touch of neon works at The Artist Project

March 5, 2012

Opening night at The Artist Project was packed this year. Always a fun event, there was plenty of talent on display. It’s a great opportunity to discover someone new and really hone in on what you like. The neon girls added to the friendly approachable vibe. Art with no attitude – just what Toronto needed on a cold [...]

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What’s new at Silva?

February 25, 2012

With so many catalogues on the market, it’s easy to revert to familiar sources for design projects. The problem is, everything starts looking the same. My solution is to go custom. It allows me to order a sofa, chair or headboard in the exact style, size, fabric and fill that I need. I encourage clients who have the time [...]

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IDS12 and a belated Happy New Year

February 6, 2012

The New Year arrived with a bang. I learned I could no longer eat  food containing gluten. Ever! It’s been an adjustment to say the least. Though I’ve spent years cooking for a family of five, I’ve never really loved it. This new “adventure” may even turn me into a foodie. (There’s hope for me [...]

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5 reasons why you need plants in your home

December 29, 2011

I love a touch of greenery in my home. Whether it’s a topiary or a few oversized leaves, it doesn’t take much to add personality and soul. This time of year, I have the urge to pare down, toss out brittle pine boughs, pack away the Christmas decorations and start fresh. JM Interiors Here are a few reasons why you need plants in your [...]

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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2011

We’ve dug out the classic Christmas CDs today. It doesn’t matter how old the kids are, they still love Rudolph and Frosty.  I wish we had a little snow to dress up the neighborhood.  The trees look so barren without it. Though it may not look like Christmas outside, it sure feels like it at our house — a truly [...]

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